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Crime Watch

Welcome to the Copperfield Crime Watch Website
The Copperfield Crime Watch Committee is a committee of the Copperfield Community Association (CCA). It acts as a liaison between the CCA and the security patrol contractor. Currently the security patrol contract is with the Harris County Sheriff's Department.
The purpose of the Committee is to promote security and crime awareness, monitor the Contract Law Enforcement Agencies' performance and to maintain a neighborhood Crime Watch program. We are concerned with matters of security in Copperfield and welcome new members at any time.
Any resident living in Copperfield can be a member of the Crimewatch Committee. By attending three of four consecutive meetings you are eligible to be seated as a voting member.
The committee meets at 6:30 p.m. at the Copperfield Community Center located at 15409 Willow River Drive (next to Labay Jr. High). All Copperfield residents are welcome to attend.


Third Tuesday of the month
at 6:30 pm at the Community Center
2018 Meeting Schedule
1/16, 2/20, 3/20, 4/17, 5/15, 6/19, 7/17, 8/21, 9/18, 10/16, 11/20, 12/18 
Tony Ashford   Chairman
    Janene Thomas   Vice-Chairman


If you have questions about the HCSO Crime Watch Contract in the Copperfield Community, you can use the email addresses below:


EMERGENCY call 911
(Life-threatening, fire, crime in progress)
call (713) 221-6000
Harris County Sheriff's website:

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Useful Forms

The Crime Watch Program
Copperfield is a Crime Watch community. The purpose of Crime Watch is to raise the level of concern and awareness toward crime prevention and to create active participation between residents and law enforcement officers in the fight against crime. The Crime Watch program encourages neighbors to protect each other lives and property by watching for and reporting suspicious activities...the residents become the "eyes" of the patrolling deputies. The object is to prevent a crime from happening by having a deputy check out even the slightest irregularity in your street's normal routine. Our deputies would prefer to spend 10 minutes checking out a call rather than follow up on a crime that has already been committed.
For more information about the Crime Watch Program call the Copperfield Community Center at (281) 856-9060.