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TXDOT Public Hearing
SH6: Highway 6 from I10 to 249.  TXDOT's Project number CSJ1685-05-104
This is the Mobility study project that started a few years back in which they will be adding raised medians.
Two Public hearings will be held, one on May 29 at Campbell Middle School located at 11415 Bobcat 77064 (just east of Jones Road).  The second is on May 31 at Kahla Middle School located at 16212 West Little York (between SH6 and Queenston).  Both these meetings are identical in topic and discussion and both will be held from 5:30 to 7:30.  Please attend the one on West Little York on May 31.  The Coalition will be attending both.  The environmental study commenced several months ago and should be wrapping up in the next few months.  They are expecting funding May 2013 (funding has not been secured as of yet, but they feel very confident they will receive), with bids shortly following and work should begin somewhere around four months after that. The manager over this project is Mohammed Zubair.  The person to discuss green medians with is a man named Dana Cote.  I will be discussing with him what needs to be done to facilitate green medians.  I also brought this up to the CCA and they will support our efforts and write a letter if needed to help bring about green medians.
FM529:  FM529 from 290 to Greenhouse Road.  A TXDOT Project.
A few changes have been made since TXDOT held its Town Hall meeting a few months back.  The medians on FM529 will be green.  From 290 to Horsepen Creek there will be no raised medians due to the numerous industrial complexes on FM529.  From Horsepen Creek to SH6 green medians will be installed and Hearthstone has agreed to landscape.  From SH6 to Sommerall Drive (in front of Walmart) raised medians will be installed.  From Sommerall Drive to Barker Cypress the current raised medians will be modified.  From Barker Cypress to Greenhouse Rd. it will retain the suicide lane.  Mohammed Zubair is also the manager for this project.  The project is slated to be finalized this June.  The project is slated to commence construction in August with completion expected four months later (in December).