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CCA Board

January 15, 2017
To all WCA Houston Area Customers,
The Houston area is under a Winter Weather Advisory on Tuesday.  The National Weather Service warns freezing rain, sleet and snow are possible north of Houston early Tuesday morning. The wintry mix will get closer to the city around lunchtime, and conditions will worsen through the afternoon Tuesday. 
This could possibly effect the service provided by WCA on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Some areas may experience delays or may not be serviced.  If your service is missed due to the weather, service will resume on the next scheduled service day.    
We will monitor the weather and update you as the effects of the storm are clearer.  We will follow with updates as soon as possible, when we are updated from our operations team. 
Please feel free to pass this along as needed and please be safe.


WCA Region II

The Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department is requesting homeowner assistance in addressing the low hanging trees within the Copperfield community. These low hanging branches or limbs are hampering responses to calls for assistance. The branches and limbs are damaging equipment and Homeowner’s trees.  Routes to locations have to be altered. Some locations are unable to have an alternate route, leaving no recourse but to park the apparatus and walk to the location.

Several pieces of equipment are 13 feet tall and CFVFD is requesting that homeowners trim the trees to have a 14 feet umbrella over the street.  The Department members have been instructed not to damage their apparatus or the Homeowner’s trees by driving down streets that do not have appropriate passage.  The fire department does not wish to have a citizen with a fire or medical emergency that delays the receiving attention due to having to locate an alternate route or being forced to walk to the emergency location.


Copperfield Community Association (CCA)
The CCA Board of Directors consists of one representative from each village. The CCA maintains the Copperfield perimeter easements, monuments and fences. The CCA also manages the security contract with the Harris County Sheriff's Department. The CCA owns and maintains the Copperfield Community Center and Park.

Board of Directors
Grace Bruner
President  (Middlegate Place )

Sharon Malkovicz

Vice President  (Northmead Village)

Steve Hatcher

Secretary/Treasurer  (Southdown Village)

Anthony Cecala

Director  (Southcreek Village)

Janene Thomas

Director  (Easton Commons)

David Zimmerman

Director  (Coperfield Place Village)

Joshua Mullenix

Director  (Westcreek Village)

Terry Ward

Director  (Easton Commons Commercial)
CCA Meeting Schedule and Board Minutes
CCA 2018 Meeting Dates
6:00 PM Monday Evenings
Copperfield Community Center
15409 Willow River Drive
  1. January 15th - 3rd Monday
  2. February 26th - 4th Monday
  3. April 9th - 2nd Monday
  4. May 21st - 3rd Monday
  5. July 2nd - 1st Monday
  6. August 13th - 2nd Monday (Preliminary Budget Meeting @ SCS office Day Meeting)
  7. September 10th - 2nd Monday (Budget Meeting Only)             
  8. October 22nd - 4th Monday
  9. December 3rd - 1st Monday