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CCA Board

Copperfield Community Association (CCA)
The CCA Board of Directors consists of one representative from each village. The CCA maintains the Copperfield perimeter easements, monuments and fences. The CCA also manages the security contract with the Harris County Sheriff's Department. The CCA owns and maintains the Copperfield Community Center and Park.
Board of Directors

Carl Chambers

President  (Copperfield Place )

Sid Lyon

Vice President  (Middlegate Village)

Steve Hatcher

Secretary/Treasurer  (Southdown Village)

Ann Liner

Director  (Southcreek Village)

Janene Thomas

Director  (Easton Commons)

Sharon Malkovicz

Director  (Northmead Village)

Tom Tolve

Director  (Westcreek Village)

Terry Ward

Director  (Easton Commons Commercial)
CCA Meeting Schedule and Board Minutes
CCA 2016 Meeting Dates
6:00 PM Monday Evenings
Copperfield Community Center
15409 Willow River
  1. January 25-4th Monday
  2. March 7-1st Monday
  3. April 4th -1st Monday
  4. June 6th -1st Monday
  5. July 11th -2nd Monday
  6. August 22nd- 4th Monday (Preliminary Budget Meeting)
  7. October 3rd -1st Monday
  8. Nov 21st -3rd Monday
  9. December 26th - 4th Monday-Holidays